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“Quando curi una persona puoi vincere o perdere,
quando ti prendi cura di una persona puoi solo vincere”.

Fistula probe (a narrow instrument) and in this way it may be possible to find both openings of the fistula treatment of anal fistula there are several stages to treating an anal fistula: treating active infection some patients will have active infection when they present with a fistula, and this requires clearing up before definitive treatment can be decided. Antibiotics can be used as with other infections, but the best way of healing infection is to prevent the buildup of pus in the fistula, which leads to abscess formation. cheap viagra uk This can be done with a seton – a length of suture material looped through the fistula which keeps it open and allows pus to drain out. viagra generic In this situation, the seton is referred to as a draining seton. buy cheap viagra Definitive treatment definitive treatment of a fistula aims to stop it recurring. generic viagra without prescription Treatment depends on where the fistula lies, and which parts of the anal sphincter it crosses. There are several options: doing nothing – a drainage seton can be left in place long-term to prevent problems. This is the safest option although it does not definitively cure the fistula. cheap viagra online Conversion to a cutting seton – this involves a similar process to a draining seton but the suture is tied tightly. This gradually cuts through the muscle and skin involved, leaving behind a small area of scarring. viagra 30 day free trial This cures the fistula in most cases, but can cause incontinence in a small number of cases, mainly of flatus (wind). viagra 30 day free trial Lay-open of fistula-in-ano – this option involves an operation to cut the fistula open and let it heal naturally. This cures the fistula but leaves behind a scar, and can cause problems with incontinence. This option is not suitable for complex fistulae, or those that cross the entire anal sphincter. Fibrin glue injection is a method explored in recent years, with variable success. buy generic viagra It involves injecting the fistula with a biodegradable glue which should, in theory, close the fistula from the inside out, and let it heal naturally. This method is perhaps best tried before all others since, if successful, it avoids the risk of incontinence, and creates minimal stress for the patient. viagra 30 day free trial Fistula plug is an “advanced” version of the fibrin glue method. generic viagra does it work It involves “plugging” the fistula with a “plug” made of porcine small intestine submucosa (sterile, biodegradable), fixing the plug from the inside of the anus with suture, and, again, letting the fistula heal “naturally” from the inside out. viagra without prescription According to some sources, the success rate with this method is as high as 80%. Endorectal advancement flap is a procedure in which the internal opening of. Patch Adams